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SIP Trunking

With strong supplier relationships, flexible functionality and exceptional customer service, Nine Wholesale’s SIP trunking solutions are built with your most demanding customers in mind.

SIP trunking is increasingly used as an alternative or back-up to traditional ISDN, to link PABX hardware to the telephone network. Doing this offers several advantages, including faster installation, reduced costs, and more flexible numbering and functionality.

Nine Wholesale offers a range of related products, designed to satisfy your customers’ diverse needs. Choose affordable dial-tone SIP or full-featured functionality with call recording. Port existing telephone numbers to their new solution, or assign brand new numbers from any UK geographic or non-geographic range.

Our specialist team ensures you provide the most suitable data connection, together with the highest-performing router for your particular application.  What’s more, we can advise on compatibility with specific PABX hardware and vendor approval status, where required.

Our business model was very focused on sales of equipment and mobiles, but we've shifted our game plan to go after hosted IP and calls and lines for the recurring revenue market. Nine have helped us put together this new product set and it's been great dealing with Nine throughout this transition. 


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